Thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to the Deadmonton Ritual. As was announced at the show,
we will not be playing live again for the remainder of the fall/winter. Rather focusing our efforts to work on an entire
new set of material and recordings. Some of which has already manifested, and is sounding more punishing than ever.  
With the addition of Anthony Tournier on bass guitar, we are continuing to evolve and push the boundaries, writing brutal music
that is true to ourselves. It may be quite some time before we decide to play live again.. we will continue to keep the site
updated as necessary. Thanks to all who came out and supported us on the Prairie Indoctrination Tour, and all
the other killer shows we played this summer. We still have a few shirts left from the tour in limited sizes. Check out the
merch page if your interested, as those items won't be getting repressed. Hails, we will see you next summer! \m/